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We design experiences that are useful for the users, relevant for the community and sustainable for the business.
The perfect balance.


The Power
of UX Design

We work hard to create meaningful and beautiful applications while improving their usability. We use UX Methods to achieve excellent results on our Design process.

The UX process ensures an efficient and tested final product. We start by doing in depth user research and translating it into comprehensive information architecture and interaction design.

We don’t just make it beautiful for the eye, we understand the goals of the business and make sure every stakeholder has his expectations met. This is how we pursue long term quality for our clients.

A clear process


Innovation and business goals are too important to leave them to chance. Google Ventures tested a methodology, the Product Design Sprint, to approach this critical stage with accuracy and realism.
Design Sprints are used of every size companies and multidisciplinary teams like Slack, Pocket, Uber or FitStar to reduce risks and save many development overhead costs. Ideas are generated, shaped and refined with real users until they become validated.
During 40 hours you will be working with us in how to create your product and introducing innovation as part of your business corporate culture.

We Follow The 40 hours Design Sprint Process

by Google Ventures

  1. Understand

    - Understand who are the users.
    - What are user’s needs.
    - What is the context.
    - Who are our competitors.
    Let’s formulate the strategy.
  2. Diverge

    Ideate lots of
    ideas with the
  3. Decide

    Choose the best idea
    and turn them into a
    testable hypothesis.
  4. Prototype

    Create quick
    prototypes focusing on
    usability and function.
  5. Validate

    - Test the ideas with real users.
    - Gather feedback about their experience.
    - Continue improving by starting this sprint again.
After the sprint we may continue defining the final product:
  1. Coding
  2. Testing & Deploy
  3. Your product!

We Love to work on challenging projects
we believe in

Meet us

Fernando Fernando
Fernando Andina
CTO Engineering
Eugenia Eugenia
Eugenia Jongewaard
UX Designer
We are an international team with
9 + 10 + 7 = 26+ years of experience

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